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Collision Course: A Practical Guide to Using Revit MEP with Navisworks Manage

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    While construction collisions/clashes are not deliberate in the AEC profession, most of them could have been avoided. This class covers practical techniques, tips, and tricks to effectively manage the data exchange between Revit software and Navisworks software to detect, resolve, and avoid the unforeseen collisions/clashes that have long plagued design professionals in the AEC industry. We start with an overview of what's required to set up Revit MEP to work with Navisworks on a live construction project, including live examples. We cover proven tips, tricks, and techniques from active practitioners in the fields of architecture, building services, and structural engineering. In the second part of the class, we focus on using the Revit BIM data inside Navisworks Manage to produce meaningful clash detection reports, TimeLiner animations, and automation tips to standardize and expedite the process of importing models into Navisworks Manage.

    Key Learnings

    • Describe what is required to effectively get Revit MEP models into Navisworks Manage
    • Automate the process with templates, filters, and selection sets
    • Apply standards, tricks, and tips to your own projects.
    • Standardize collision/clash detection in your organization