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Collins Park WTP—a Collaboration for Revit Case Study

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    We will present a case study on a Building Information Modeling (BIM) project utilizing Revit software, BIM 360 Team and Fusion Team (formerly A360 Team), and Collaboration for Revit cloud service for work sharing between Arcadis and multiple subconsultants. This project started in January 2016 and was managed by Arcadis as the lead engineering firm for the project, working with Autodesk as a consulting service. Autodesk provided mentoring services to assist with the adoption of Collaboration for Revit. In the class, we'll share project success criteria, and setup in Collaboration for Revit and BIM 360 Team and Fusion Team. We'll also share our best practices and workflow, troubleshooting, and lessons learned. Julie Nicholson and Michael Avanzini from Arcadis will be presenting, along with Autodesk team members Adam Peter and Ed Hannabas,

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to set up a Revit project using Collaboration for Revit and A360
    • Share best practices and workflows
    • Learn about tracking issues and troubleshooting
    • Discover lessoned learned