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Cloud Collaboration and Model-Based Communication

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    Unravel the sometimes-confusing procedures of cloud collaboration with the use of BIM 360 software in its different modules. In this class, attendees will learn the basis of cloud collaboration and the best practices to ensure a true coordination process. From the required documentation in ensuring data security to the use of BIM 360 Docs software and BIM 360 Field software to bring design information to the site, this class will go over all the requirements to close the gap between architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) design and project execution. Using BIM 360 tools, attendees will learn how to capitalize on information between all project stakeholders, thanks to a model-based communication system that is always available via the cloud. With the use of optimized workflows and proper technology use, construction projects can finally benefit from intelligent models on every stage and at all locations.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to implement cloud-based systems for project coordination
    • Learn how to create the basis of model-based communication
    • Learn how to use BIM 360 for project collaboration
    • Learn how to capitalize on information across construction teams