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Clash Management Masterclass using Navisworks, Forge Cloud Computing & Data Analytics
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Stuck in the endless cycle of the creating clash reports to share with engineering and design teams with little effect? Are you experiencing current clash detection and BIM management workflow processes to be laborious, ineffective and not delivering the desired results?...then the Clash Management Masterclass is the class for you!

Learn from the class speaker how to adapt and innovate your current Navisworks workflow process to generate the necessary information to leverage the power of data analytics dashboarding with Autodesk Forge viewer to help communicate to your project teams. This approach will empower project teams to make better decisions to resolve important clash issues faster and aid the collaboration process between parties more effectively, delivering a high quality coordinated and integrated design.

A number of case studies will be provided to showcase the effectiveness of implementing this improved workflow, and learn how to get the job done right first time!

Key Learnings

  • Understand the improved clash management workflow and be able to implement in their organisation.
  • Understand the power of data analytics and how design teams can use this to produce better design
  • Understand Autodesk Forge Veiwer and its basic functionality
  • By adopting this process and technology, attendees will see evidence of design coordination improvements



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