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Buildings and Infrastructure—Together at Last!—With BIM Collaborate Pro

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    Are you interested in using BIM Collaborate Pro (formerly BIM 360 Design software) for multidisciplinary projects? This class is for you! Following a quick product overview, we'll dive into a live project for a whirlwind tour. We’ll start in the authoring tools—working with files from Revit software, Civil 3D software, and AutoCAD Plant 3D software—and show you how to share those files to the cloud. Next, we'll jump into design collaboration, where each design team will create and share its work packages. We'll then move over to model coordination and review any 3D clashes that have popped up. From there, we’ll visit BIM 360 Docs software and see how all project stakeholders have roles to play in model viewing, sharing, markups, issues, and more. Finally, we'll wrap up our journey in Insight building performance analysis software, where we’ll track the health of our project at a glance. This fast-paced course will help you in your decision about whether to adopt BIM Collaborate Pro within your own firm.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the technical and process-related advantages of cloud-based collaboration workflows
    • Learn how to create, organize, and manage projects using BIM Collaborate Pro
    • Learn how to capitalize on best practices for cloud-based collaboration with internal and external stakeholders
    • Discover the benefits of BIM Collaborate Pro for multidisciplinary project teams