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Build a Digital Value Chain with Revit+BiM360+SpaceIQ+Forge & its results

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    When considering the "building life cycle" from the viewpoint of the process importance obtained through ISO19650 certification, to construct a Building database, using BIM360 as CDE and collaborating Information of BIM stored in Revit along with SpaceIQ is required. We will share our insights collected from real project. Also some of the insights on the evolution of data platforms by leveraging SpaceIQ solutions in the design phase, while it is commonly used in the construction to operation/maintenance phases. What is the digital value chain brought by the data collaboration? The effects and future projections will be presented

    Key Learnings

    • How to utilize data throughout the building lifecycle
    • Explain the challenges and benefits to be gained when applying the Digital Twin to a real project
    • Synergy between Autodesk products and SpaceIQ
    • What is the Digital Value Chain?