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BUILDing the Future of AEC through Reality Capture, Automation, and Physical Computing

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    The BUILD panel, moderated by Autodesk Senior Director, Rick Rundell, will review snapshots of applied research within the context of Architecture Engineering and Construction Industries followed by an extended discussion surrounding such topics. By positioning Reality Computing technologies (UAV’s, 3D Scanning, and reality capture); Construction Automation (3D Printing and Design Robotics); Automated Computational Workflows (Dynamo driven structural optimization-to robotic fabrication); and integrated building control systems through Physical Computing the discussion will frame the state of the art with the goal of understanding the critical interrelationships that will be required during the next ten years of research and development.

    Four perspectives, each representing disparate aspects of AEC research, will be presented. First, Gustav Fagerstrom, Senior Technical Design at the global engineering firm BuroHappold, will present a series of Drone-based reality capture experiments using Autodesk’s ReCap that focus on the gathering, analysis, and three dimensional visualization of complex data from existing urban contexts. Nick Cote, a Design Roboticist at Autodesk’s Pier9 robotics research laboratory, will present a series of projects leveraging emerging computational workflows that link 3D design space, performance optimization, and automated fabrication through Design Robotics. Nathan King, DDes, BUILD Programs Manager, will present the contemporary context of automation in AEC industries through the lens of Robotics and Additive Manufacturing. Finally, Andy Payne, DDes, Principal Research Engineer at Autodesk,  will discuss the potential of intelligent building control systems to meet the multifaceted demands of user satisfaction and performance thus allowing the built environment to sense, respond, and adapt over time.  

    Key Learnings

    • Gain a new perspective on the speculative future of the AEC industry
    • Develop a cross sectional understanding of emerging through related to the construction of the built environment
    • Participants will have a cross sectional understanding of emerging technologies related to intelligent building control systems
    • Understand the value of collaboration and the interrelatedness of various trends in applied technology development