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BIM workflow for Urban Transport Infrastructures & Systems: Grand Paris Metro & Birmingham Tramway

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    During this class you will learn about BIM workflow that EGIS has developed for metro & tramway infrastructures & systems. We will show you how the Autodesk tools made it possible to take a step towards the open BIM on the Grand Paris Express automatic metro project, that won the golden BIM award. With the example of Birmingham, we'll demonstrate the convergence between BIM & GIS. This approach helped us to ensure the data continuity, closer collaboration between multidisciplinary & quality throughout the lifecyle of the projects from design to the construction phase while anticipating O&M needs & reducing time.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand about interoperability between BIM / CAD model and GIS
    • Understand how to manage data in tramway project in dense urban environment
    • Understand how to collaborate with stakeholders on an infrastructure project
    • Understand how to organize the data production