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BIM and Digital Construction: Qatar's Road Map and Strategy

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    This class will provide a comprehensive overview of building information modeling (BIM) implementation in Qatar. We will cover the road map and strategy of the Public Works Authority aligned with the Corporate Strategy and Qatar National Vision 2030. We'll discuss modern methodologies for design and construction delivery across the country, along with the development and publication of the Ashghal BIM Standards (ABIMS) based on ISO 19650. We will also examine the establishment of a BIM policy that mandates BIM use on all building and infrastructure projects, and we'll cover the challenges associated with BIM implementation. Furthermore, you will learn how BIM can be an enabler for digital construction, as well as how it's used for the operation and maintenance of Ashghal assets. The course will cover BIM technology implementation within IT infrastructure and showcase success stories from Ashghal BIM projects.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about the BIM implementation road map aligned with Qatar National Vision 2030.
    • Learn about Ashghal BIM Standards based on ISO 19650 and BIM policy.
    • Learn about BIM technology implementation within IT infrastructure.
    • Discover how BIM can enable Digital Construction 4.0 and future site technologies.