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BIM in Facilities Management: Using Forge and BIM 360 to visualize models and combine with FM information

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    "Learn how Facilities Management (FM) teams use models to maximize their efficiency by visualizing all the buildings and assets together with information from the facility management system. See how Autodesk Forge and BIM 360 Docs can be integrated with Maximo and visualized in a modern, easy to use, web-based viewer. Understand the possibilites presented by Forge and BIM 360 and how you can integrate different systems with your models. This class will be using a real case study from Sweden, a complex hospital that is using BIM360 and Forge today to maximize their efficiency. The hospital contains over 600 000 assets that are being maintained using Maximo, delivered with the COBie standard. The models and assets are all visualized using a modern Sweco designed viewer, integrated with Maximo."

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the possibilities of Forge and BIM360, to visualize models and maximize FM efficiency
    • Understand the possibilities of visualizing data from other systems together with models using Forge
    • Experiences and recommendations on how to make the project delivery more efficient in large and complex projects
    • Recommendations on the most critical information useful for the FM team