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BIM Ecosystem and Lean BIM Approach Enabling Lean Construction

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    The session will cover a detailed case study of the projects and give insights into the Lean BIM principle enabling Lean Construction by establishing the perfect BIM ecosystem across the industry across different stakeholders. 6 Lean principles in BIM and their relation to existing Lean Construction approach: 1) Visualization & understanding the end goal of the project 2) Rapid generation of design alternatives 3) Automated generation of drawings & documents 4) Maintenance of information and design model integrity 5) Reuse of model data for predictive analysis 6) Collaboration in design and construction with these BIM principles will go hand-in-hand with Lean Construction principles.

    Key Learnings

    • Understanding BIM ECO System followed, and the best Process identified using Case Study
    • BIM Maturity with Design and Construction Implementing 3R (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) in BIM Process
    • 6 Lean BIM Principles which Enables Lean Construction.
    • Better Project Controls for Big project and ways to Eliminate inefficiencies across the Project ,Ensuring Optimal resource Usage and Management.