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BIM 360 and the Power of the Cloud

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    Denver International Airport (DEN) has been capitalizing on the value of the BIM 360 platform for 8 years. Now DEN is deploying the latest tools on the BIM 360 platform on more than $2 billion worth of capital improvement projects, for every purpose from production, coordination, quality assurance, and review in design, to inspections, asset data capture, and quality assurance and quality control in construction, to transitioning to operations at handover. BIM 360 Design Collaboration, BIM 360 Glue software, Navisworks software, BIM 360 Model Coordination, BIM 360 Docs software, BIM 360 Insight software, and BIM 360 Field Management have all provided value to DEN. With the latest BIM tools, it is becoming increasingly clear that leadership in BIM adoption must begin with the owner as the ultimate customer for all facility data.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand how cloud services increasingly give building owners greater flexibility
    • Discover how the 360 platform integrates, informs, and is informed by the needs of facility owners
    • Learn how to use cloud services to improve productivity, reduce rework and waste, and enhance collaboration
    • Learn why BIM processes increasingly must begin with the owner