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BIM 360 and API for a Connected Construction Ecosystem

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    Come and listen to the BIM 360 Product Team discuss the recent updates and enhancements to the BIM 360 application programming interface. Autodesk customers, partners, and developers can build a connected construction ecosystem with the same BIM 360 API that is powering their favorite BIM 360 applications built on top of the Forge platform. Whether you are interested in automating your construction workflows, reducing manual data entry, or building a custom app, BIM 360 software can support your integration needs with secure access to your account, project, and construction data via the API. We will discuss some of the exciting use cases and construction workflows enabled by the new BIM 360 API on Forge. We will highlight success stories from early adopter customers and partners, along with best practices on using the BIM 360 API. You will also get a chance to hear about the BIM 360 API road map, understand what is in the pipeline, and interact with experts from the Product Team to get your questions answered.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about BIM 360 API on Forge and recent updates
    • Understand the basic capability of BIM 360 API on Forge
    • Listen to success stories and best practices from early adopters
    • Understand the BIM 360 API road map