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BIM 360 Ops for Data Centers: An Application Review

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    The Internet of Things (IoT) has made it possible to gather real-time data about your critical business assets. This enables you to collect data about asset condition, performance, and usage and turn it into real actionable insights. Coupling IoT with BIM 360 Ops software and reorganizing teams to align with the customer journey, a data-center owner was able to automate the management of data and switch servers. Everyone in the organization has an idea for improving work but not everyone is empowered to deliver it. Learn how delegated development empowers anyone in the organization to innovate without adding risk of impacting other areas of the organization. In this session, you’ll learn how various systems fit in the ecosystem, and how to decide on which technologies will help accelerate digital transformation. Workflows should be designed to be flexible, robust, and efficient. You will be exposed to industry best practices for workflow-automation design.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to get started with BIM 360 Ops on any budget
    • Learn about how to build a digital experience that pleases every customer
    • Learn how to build more-effective, meaningful facilities, and increase adoption of IoT and BIM 360 Ops
    • Learn how to use technologies that let our project team revolutionize the AEC project delivery workflow