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BIM 360: Is It Me You’re Looking for?

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    Is BIM 360 the software you’re looking for? Determine if BIM 360 software is right for your project. Discuss the various potential uses and benefits BIM 360 can bring to your own projects. Explore the pros and cons of the software. This class will walk through multiple case studies of projects at CannonDesign that incorporated collaboration using BIM 360. The case studies represent a variety of project sizes and market spaces. Each project is in a different stage of development and incorporating different levels of usage of collaborations with BIM 360. Learn from our teams’ hardships and successes.

    Key Learnings

    • Determine if a project should use BIM 360
    • Identify collaboration opportunities
    • Discuss challenges your team must overcome
    • Learn about BIM 360 software’s benefits to a project