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BIM 360 Docs: One Collaboration App to Rule Them All

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    This is the story of how DPR Construction, along with its design and building-owner partners, was able to successfully implement BIM 360 Docs software as a project collaboration solution on the VCU Health Children’s Hospital project in Richmond, Virginia. Thanks to the growing number of features included with BIM 360 Docs, the team was able to eliminate or integrate the use of more than a dozen design and construction applications traditionally used by the various team members. This talk will discuss the decision that the team made in early 2017 to go with BIM 360, and will chronicle the peaks and valleys the team overcame on their journey to successful implementation. The talk will include insight into the benefits of using BIM 360 Docs on a large project with many stakeholders, including how the team utilized the software for file sharing, model collaboration, design reviews, and drawing management. We’ll conclude with a discussion on future processes the team has planned as the project moves from design into construction.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the value of BIM 360 Docs for collaboration, file sharing, drawing management, and model hosting
    • Evaluate the features of BIM 360 Docs compared to other commercially available solutions
    • Learn how to set up a folder structure and process for drawing management within BIM 360 Docs
    • Learn how to implement lean tips and tricks while using BIM 360 Docs