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Automation of the Building Information Model Breakdown Structure Using Navisworks
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This class will introduce the underlying concepts of a method that enables automatic grouping of models so that the model breakdown structure (MBS) matches a certain breakdown structure within a project. An automation tool for Navisworks software has been developed accordingly and tested in 2 case studies, which prove that the proposed method lets project participants without extensive BIM training obtain rapid identification of the desired model contents. The current practice of grouping and organizing intelligent models from multiple project participants' perspectives doesn't reflect project breakdown structures well. This gap renders it a challenge to the introduction of BIM into on-site meetings during the construction phase-such as daily subcontractor huddles and pull planning meetings-where on-the-spot-requests to query federated models are prevalent.

Key Learnings

  • Understand the underlying concepts of a method that enables flexible Model Breakdown Structure configuration reflecting different Project Breakdown Structures
  • Learn how to easily overcome your fear of technology and take the lead in using BIM to improve the efficiency of your meetings
  • Learn how to overcome the inflexibility of the current practice in grouping and organizing models to facilitate rapid, on-the-spot model queries during on-site meetings in the construction phase
  • Learn how to introduce novel mechanisms that can be added to any BIM implementation effort providing a feedback loop from downstream project execution that can contribute to pull innovative, and more-simple and more-effective BIM management approaches



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