Lecture    AB2709
Autodesk® Navisworks® Isn't Just for Contractors: How an Architecture Firm Is Using Navisworks to Improve Its Process
Alix Loiseau, Cindy Baldwin
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Autodesk Navisworks software isn't just for contractors. Architects are seeing the value of using Navisworks during design as a coordination tool. Get a firsthand look from an architect and Building Information Modeling (BIM) service provider on how to use Navisworks for phasing studies and learn the value of using Navisworks early in the design process for owners and architects. We will show a case study from Florida on how local governments used the design model for tenant phasing, and site logistics in design. We will describe how architects use clash detection for design coordination, discuss what not to model, and explain the difference between what is modeled in design versus construction for coordination. We will give best practices and tips and tricks on how to make Navisworks work for you.

Key Learnings

  • Describe how architects use clash detection for design coordination and what not to model
  • Describe the difference between what is modeled in design versus construction for coordination
  • Describe how Navisworks is used by architects during design as a coordination tool
  • Describe how to use Navisworks for phasing studies and the value of using it early in the design process


 Alix Loiseau
Alix Loiseau
Alix has over 14 years of diverse experience in the field of architectural and structural design with a strong engineering background. Mr. Loiseau has been responsible for various duties for numerous architectural projects,including planning, working drawing production, design and damage assessments. Alix leads the development, utilization and coordination of ACAI’s VDC Division. He manages all virtual building model projects and related technologies. Duties include supervision, coordination and training of in-house virtual design & construction staff members, subconsultants, construction teams, subcontractors, creating and/or modifying building models, performing clash detection, and generally leading project teams to realize the 3D/4D/5D/6D benefi ts and applying it to Virtual Design and Construction processes within projects. Alix is an Associate Member of AIA is CM-BIM Certified and is an a frequent public speaker: Autodesk University 2011 NeoCon 2011 and CONSTRUCT 2011

 Cindy Baldwin
Cindy Baldwin
Cindy Baldwin has been with ACAI since 2003, and has 19 years of diverse project experience. As Principal in Charge of Operations, Cindy is responsible for strategic growth, and owner and employee relationships—ensuring that the highest level of satisfaction is attained at every level of the operation. In addition, Cindy is responsible for the creation of the Virtual Design and Construction Technology Division of ACAI and is spearheading that Division's growth and strategic planning. Cindy was recognized by the South Florida Business Leader as a “2011 Women Extraordinaire” winner, and in 2010 won the “40 Under 40 Award" and in 2011 ACAI was recognized as one of the "Fastest Growing Companies" in South Florida. Cindy is a certified general contractor, CM-BIM, LEED® AP and is the chair of a buildingSMART alliance™ Interest Group in Florida. An Instructor for the AGC CM-BIM Classes, Cindy was one of the first candidates to test and pass the CM-BIM exam in Florida.


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