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Autodesk Tools Customization Aids BIM Implementation in Sanitation Company

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    Brazil has undergone significant legislative changes in recent years and has the bold, yet necessary, goal to universalize water and sewage services by 2033. That challenge has driven building information modeling (BIM) implementation in sanitation companies, which encouraged the Brazilian company SANEAGO to use and customize Autodesk Docs and the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection tools for its context. Similar to other sanitation concessionaires, SANEAGO currently deals with large project volume, developed by several different design companies, for the 226 municipalities it operates. This makes document management, standardization, collaboration, project analysis, and project design quite challenging. In this talk, we'll discuss the CAD-BIM transition, covering not only software usage, but also company diagnosis, policies, and project standards establishment, which involves changes in the design processes and in the organizational culture as a whole, in order to raise BIM maturity within the company and its entire ecosystem.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to improve project and process management in CAD-BIM transition phases with Autodesk tools.
    • Learn about customizing Autodesk Docs to work with different projects and contracts simultaneously.
    • Learn about implementing strategies to CAD-BIM transition in sanitation companies.
    • Learn more about AEC Collection tools uses for sanitation sector.