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Authentic Building Information Modeling Collaboration using a Private Cloud and Virtual Workstations

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    This lecture will illustrate how a private cloud reverses the traditional collaboration models by bringing people to the data. Learn how elegantly the private cloud solves collaboration issues while respecting Revit software's work-share schema without synchronization or caching voodoo. Both internal and external team members are able to work side by side virtually and in real time—remotely, from anywhere—on any device, all accessing a single set of project data. We will share successes and expose challenges of a private-cloud implementation. Key talking points will be software, hardware, licensing, workflows, and administration of virtual desktops, as well as other challenges with training and performance tuning.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover key components to a private cloud
    • Understand how a private cloud and virtual workstations provide platforms for authentic BIM (Revit software) collaboration
    • Recognize effective practices, benefits, and challenges for managing a private cloud
    • Consider developing an ROI-and-implementation strategy for your firm