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Assemble for Civil Construction: A QTO and Cost-Analysis Workflow for Infrastructure
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Extracting quantity data from solid models in Civil 3D and InfraWorks models can be a very time-consuming process. With the Assemble add-on for Civil 3D, exporting solid models from Assemble can make that process a lot more efficient. Assemble gives you the power to organize multiple 3D models and views together to develop a quantity and cost comparative analysis, which Skanska uses for heavy civil construction estimating. Not enough? Make your model even more powerful by linking a cost-loaded schedule with the Assemble P6 integration

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to export Civil 3D models to Assemble
  • Learn how to organize civil construction models within Assemble by using custom attribute settings
  • Learn how to obtain a quantity of information to use for estimating during the preconstruction phase of a civil construction pursuit
  • Learn how to integrate information from the P6 schedule to the Civil 3D model in Assemble




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