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All Roads Lead to InfraWorks 360

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    This session will show you how we use InfraWorks 360 throughout the whole lifecycle of our projects (predominantly Smart Motorways) using a range of various products we have at our disposal to create a full Infrastructure visualisation model, by including everything from the white lining, to 3D traffic signs, to moving cars in a quick and efficient manner. The workflows have been developed over a number of years using various Autodesk and non-Autodesk software applications. The initial workflows show how we take drawings consisting of just 3D polylines and turn them into glorious visualisation models. We will then investigate the workflows for bringing in our completed AutoCAD Civil 3D corridors into InfraWorks 360, including schemes designed at local grid. The class will round off by investigating the programs and workflows used to add the white lining, the roadside features, landscaping, and the vehicles, using scripts to achieve this.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn efficient manipulation of multiple data types in Civil 3D to prepare for importing into InfraWorks
    • Import, place, and create items within the InfraWorks model
    • Use scripts to achieve your desired outcomes and make your workflows more efficient
    • Create cost effective animations within 3ds Max (moving cars) and InfraWorks to showcase your models