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Airports: Asset Management Ownership Policies

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    Undertaking the monumental effort of organizing data within an organization is difficult alone. Add standardization and, ultimately, the development of specifications to provide guidance to all who do business with your organization, and you really have a mountain to climb. Airports have unique requirements that set them apart from other asset management systems. During this panel discussion, we’ll share the obstacles encountered from the conception of an asset management program all the way through to an enterprise-level BIM (Building Information Modeling), geographic information system (GIS), and computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). We’ll share experiences on how these obstacles were handled both temporarily and permanently to achieve steps toward a single source of truth. Panel members will offer their unique perspectives on the various issues confronted through the implementation of these programs.

    Key Learnings

    • Compare your own environments to those of other airports and see examples of how others navigated similar obstacles
    • Discover the ramifications of decisions made prematurely
    • Develop strategies to address current and future obstacles
    • Learn the differences between critical and parallel path requirements