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Acquire and Visually Present GIS Data Like a Pro in InfraWorks with Esri Data Connector

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    Come to this session to build on your existing InfraWorks knowledge and get more value from your Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection. Learn how you can take advantage of the new Esri Data Connector in InfraWorks to visualize geographic information system (GIS) shape information from connected Esri databases. Learn new creative ways to use InfraWorks styles and theming to present geospatial information to stakeholders and the public. Where does the Esri Data Connector get data? How is it accessed for use within your organization? What can you do with it once you’ve got it? You might be a city planner, designer, technician, or civil engineer working on a proposed capital improvement project. You might be a private industry land developer, or land-use planner, or civil designer getting ready to locate a new commercial or residential development. You could be planning a mine or an electrical substation. See new possibilities for cost-effective efficiency in the feasibility, design, and engineering phases of development.

    Key Learnings

    • Glean new possibilities for finding and connecting to GIS data using the Esri InfraWorks Data Connector
    • Discover new ideas for consuming and presenting GIS data within the context of InfraWorks
    • Learn how to build on existing ideas and techniques using new and established InfraWorks functionality
    • Learn how to visualize and analyze GIS data in creative ways you may not have known