Lecture    CR1453
The 360 Degrees of Field BIM
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In this class, we present real-life examples of how the processes related to the use of the BIM 360™ Field cloud service and the implication of its use in the field are profoundly changing the way we document and transfer project-related information. The ability to streamline day-to-day activities, organize the entire team around the next-generation knowledge-sharing platform and get team members to actively participate in shaping a collaborative solution are some of the benefits resulting from an effectively-deployed mobile technology solution such as BIM 360. At Clayco Inc., the long view associated with digital technology enables us to have an integrated practice, and has resulted in a pragmatic and efficient use of BIM-enabled processes for design and construction with the purpose of supporting an innovative practice. This class focuses on the best practices of BIM 360 deployment and the use of information-rich design and construction models.

Key Learnings

  • Successfully deploy BIM 360 and use best practices
  • Implement a typical rollout strategy and focus on clearly-defined objectives
  • Use BIM to improve communication and overall project understanding in the field and facilitate instant feedback
  • Describe potential and desired future improvements of BIM 360 platform from the end-user perspective



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