Key features of Moldflow

Moldflow® software helps reduce manufacturing defects through plastic injection moulding simulation. Access tools for injection mould design, plastic part design and mould processing.

Screenshot showing Autodesk Moldflow Insight dashboard

Predict mould cavity filling

Predict how your injection mould cavity will fill, pack, cool and deflect

Mesh to solve with one click

Improve your productivity by meshing and analysing your model in one step

Collaborate using Shared Views

Collaborate using cloud-connected devices to share results, comment and design recommendations

Spot part defects

Find potential as-manufactured part defects to reduce excess warp, sink marks, weld lines and more

Plot results visually

Customise display methods for various simulation result plots to suit your needs

Analyse with the Report Wizard

Generate professional reports summarising your analysis model, settings and results

Import CAD files directly

Import native CAD files without the need to convert for simulation

Access thousands of materials

The Moldflow material database includes over 11,000 material grades

Compare results

Split the viewing window to see results side by side between studies and lock views to sync rotations

Customise the user interface

Create a custom ribbon menu or a quick access menu. Modify mouse clicks and colour schemes

Moldflow features

Moldflow provides the right tools based on your needs through Moldflow Adviser and Moldflow Insight.

Moldflow Adviser

Automated wizards

Set up simulations with guided, automated wizards to step through customising settings for the simulation.

Runner balance

Size multi-cavity runners for even pressure and fill time with runner balance analysis.

Dynamic help

This help panel is connected to your clicks to provide an explanation of the result that is displayed, including what the result measures and what you can learn from it.

Automated mould creator

Size the mould using either the mould sizing dialogue or clicking and dragging within the study window.

Results summary

Review the analysis and process inputs along with the results of each phase of the analysis within a single screen.

Cost Adviser

Estimate the total production cost per part by calculating the mould usage, material cost, material usage, mould cost, moulding cost and post-moulding costs.

Moldflow Insight

Flexible solving

Use the Simulation Compute Manager (SCM) to solve analyses locally, on a server or on the cloud.

Mould and inserts

Assign part insert, mould insert and mould block materials, including part orthotropic inserts, from a pre-loaded database.

Automation using API

The Application Programming Interface (API) automation tools let you create custom scripts.

Thermoset materials

Simulate moulding of both thermoplastic and thermoset (reactive) materials.

Valve gating

Include controlled and sequential valve gates within simulations, along with hot runner layouts.

Part and process optimisation

Use automated design of experiments (DOE) and parametric analysis to locate the best process and design.

Advanced moulding processes

Access complex moulding processes including multi-barrel, overmoulding, co-injection, gas-assisted IM, microcellular IM and many more.

Variety of analysis sequences

In addition to typical flow, cool and warp simulations, explore niche simulations such as birefringence, crystallinity, fibre orientation and many more.

Comprehensive solver parameters

Improve simulation accuracy with a comprehensive set of customisable solver parameters.