Roads & Highways solutions for Owners

Connect your road and highway projects

Capitalize on data driven insights to plan, design, construct, and maintain more resilient infrastructure. 

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Handle evolving responsibilities with ease

It's your job to guarantee the responsible use of public funds to better ensure the safety, reliability, and resiliency of roads and highways infrastructure. However, the traditional, widespread way of working means efficiency and productivity losses leading to cost overruns. Wherever you are on your journey to better manage assets and make more informed decisions, Autodesk can support you on the digital transformation pathway so you can:

  • Take down the walls between the asset lifecycle from plan to operations and maintenance.
  • Define design requirements and handover deliverables.
  • Effectively communicate with all stakeholders across the project and asset lifecycle.
  • Combine BIM & GIS to connect design information and location intelligence to understand the impact of built environment on natural conditions. 

Solutions for roads and highways owners

Maximize resources with digital project delivery

Connect people, data, and processes across the project lifecycle in a cloud-based, common data environment. Expand beyond the office; work together anytime, anywhere. With transparent workflows, you can reduce distractions and errors, and increase capacity. And with a centralized source of truth, you can eliminate siloes, improve access to data, generate insights, and enjoy complete oversight.

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Gain better outcomes with BIM for civil

Stay one step ahead of the competition with Building Information Modeling (BIM) and industry demands with integrated civil engineering workflows. From plan to handover, BIM allows you to seamlessly move and review data across stakeholders and the lifecycle of a project. Gain the insights, visibility, and control needed to control risk, improve digital delivery, and enhance asset operation and maintenance performance.

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Put project information in geospatial context

BIM and GIS cloud collaboration makes it easy for teams to explore and collaborate on project information with geospatial context.


This has significant implications for project teams, including improved design review, visualization, and exploration. Teams can also rapidly map and manage issues as they emerge, and by connecting documentations to relevant ArcGIS features, they can securely and efficiently track project updates.

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Interoperability and open standards

Achieve stakeholder requirements by integrating open IFC standards and adhering to ISO 19650 for information management. Embracing these standards offers the benefits of enhanced stakeholder collaboration, seamless interoperability, a unified interconnected environment, and effective long-term asset management.

How can Autodesk solutions help with building and maintaining roadways for the future?

Enhance stakeholder engagement

Effectively present critical project information using model and detail visualization and facilitate the seamless exchange of project details and records via the Autodesk Construction Cloud platform.

Optimize asset life expectancy and resilience ​

Improve asset management throughout the asset's lifecycle using enhanced workflows that produce intricate intelligent models and seamlessly integrate with third-party platforms to support the provision of GIS data.

Improve collaboration​

Establish transparency in design and construction by actively engaging in collaborative reviews through a common data environment and interconnected workflows.

Improve operational cost management​

Accessing intelligent models enriched with metadata and comprehensive design and construction details, through a cloud-based common data environment, helps to reduce cost overruns by eliminating errors and facilitating effective communication of design intent during the construction implementation phase.

See how other owners are preparing for tomorrow

Collaboration paves the way for digital transformation

How US Departments of Transportation are investing in granular, interoperable, accessible data to unlock a completely new way of working in transportation.


New Mexico Department of Transport

Streamlining workflows, saving time, and enhancing collaboration with Autodesk solutions


Heratech Group

Achieved reduction in planning amendments by 10% as a result of integrated BIM solutions.


Autodesk products for roads and highways owners

Powerful BIM and CAD tools for designers, engineers, and contractors, including Revit, AutoCAD, Civil 3D, Autodesk Forma, and more

Cloud-based design co-authoring, collaboration, and coordination software for architecture, engineering, and construction teams. “Pro” enables anytime, anywhere collaboration in Revit, Civil 3D, and AutoCAD Plant 3D.

Manage project information in a cloud-based, common data environment

Comprehensive field and project management software that delivers a broad, deep, and connected set of tools for builders.

Civil engineering design and construction documentation

Geospatial and engineering BIM platform for planning, design, and analysis

Resources for road and highway owners

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Best practices for DOT efficiency

Discover four best practices Departments of Transportation (DOTs) can use to move toward digital transformation and increase efficiency.


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Deliver sustainable roads with digital solutions

See how new technologies enable value-driven data analytics. Empower your teams to collaborate seamlessly, evaluate more alternatives, and improve workflows.


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Plan, design, and build roadways to last

Sustainably accelerate the digital transformation journey to meet the needs of a growing population, as well as Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


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Explore digital models in real-world context

With BIM and geographic information system (GIS) cloud collaboration, you can better understand what to build, as well as where and why to build it.


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