Does Autodesk Fusion Hold the Key to Product Development?

Emily Suzuki Emily Suzuki April 29, 2024

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Product development in the 21st century is driven by technology. See how Autodesk Fusion helps teams face modern challenges head-on.

Gone are the days of hand-drawn sketches, a lengthy prototype and testing stage, and a completely separate fabrication process. Manufacturing has evolved considerably over the past few years, with a new generation of CAD (Computer-Aided Design) and CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) software available that makes product development easier and faster than ever.

Autodesk Fusion is leading the field with its innovation and breadth of features that push the boundaries of product development. Let’s explore why design and engineering teams choose Fusion for their modern product development needs.

Full integration from design to manufacturing

Fusion is a true end-to-end product development tool, as it includes CAD, CAM, CAE, PCB and PLM tools all in one platform. The ability to do it all in one environment saves a lot of time and effort compared to learning multiple software, not to mention the cost savings too.

Autodesk Fusion even includes PCB design tools. Learn more about this project here.

Fusion enables you to 3D model using parametric, direct, solid or surface and other geometries by either importing them from a different tool or creating them directly. You can then use its simulation tools to test and validate your ideas. Additive manufacturing is supported so that prototypes can be made and tested rapidly. Fusion’s CAM features help you control the production of the finished parts, supporting additive (3D printing) or subtractive (CNC machining) manufacturing techniques. And all of this occurs on the cloud, porviding seamless data management tools for your team.

Cloud-based collaboration

There’s no doubt that Fusion is versatile. It can run on Windows or MAC, as well as through a browser. It uses cloud computing to boost processing power, speeding up memory-intensive tasks such as rendering or generative-design iterations. The cloud also makes file storage and retrieval much easier for product development teams.

Fusion’s cloud-enbaled collaboration tools mean that tasks requiring teamwork such as design reviews can be done remotely and in rel-time, saving time and money. The product development cycle has never been easier to navigate and complete, which means more products can be put out to market in less time.

Ahead of the curve

Autodesk has always been ahead of the technology curve. Take generative design, for instance which was over 10 years in the making (long before AI was as hot of a topic as it is now. The development of Autodesk’s Fusion industry cloud embodies the industry-wide shift towards unified data and technology platforms and further drives home its commitment to providing a modern, connected process for designers, engineers and manufacturers.

For designers and engineers, Drawing automation is a game-changing tool that saves teams significant time by automating the tedious steps of creating technical drawings. Configurations provide an intelligent way to maximize the utility of parametric designs by enabling teams to create and manage multiple design variations from a single, unified model. Additionally, generative design and automated modeling are AI-powered tools that help professionals improve design productivity and unlock new design ideas faster than ever.  

Learn more about the Fusion Industry Cloud here.

Applications of Fusion

Guinn Partners prototyping with 3D printing and Autodesk Fusion

Product design and development firm Guinn Partners has launched over 50 consumer products, including the toy company Gel Blaster which has surpassed $75 million in sales, using Autodesk Fusion. “We may have a team of five or six engineers working on up to 12 projects simultaneously,” says Nicholas LaMour, department head and mechanical engineer at Guinn Partners. “The ability to switch hats and manage all of that seamlessly on a cloud-based platform is very useful to us. We may also be in different locations, whether it’s at the office or with a customer. The ability to just pick up your workstation and run with Autodesk Fusion while still maintaining that collaborative nature—particularly on the mechanical side—is remarkably helpful.” 

Read more here.

Reimagine product development process with Fusion

Fusion takes a time-consuming, creative, and complex process and simplifies it without losing any functionality. Its powerful tools and features increase the control that users have from start to finish. Designs can be created or imported, worked on collaboratively, adapted, and tested all in one tool. By leveraging the power of connected processes, generative AI, and cloud-based data unification, Autodesk Fusion stands at the forefront of technological evolution. It’s not just a tool but an ecosystem that spans Autodesk’s extensive portfolio.

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