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  • Does Autodesk Fusion Hold the Key to Product Development?

    Product development in the 21st century is driven by technology. See how Autodesk Fusion helps teams face modern challenges head-on.

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    Understanding the New Product Introduction Process

    Post-design, the New Product Introduction (NPI) process entails collaboration with manufacturers for quality, efficient production.

  • Guinn Partners Brings Product Design Dreams to Life With Autodesk Fusion

    A behind-the-scenes look at how Guinn Partners has launched over 50 consumer products, including one that has surpassed $75 million in sales, using Autodesk Fusion. Founded in 2017 by serial entrepreneur Colin Guinn with partners Oren Schauble and Craig Nehrkorn, Guinn Partners isn’t focused solely on engineering or design. They offer full, end-to-end services for…