• December 2020 Product Update – What’s New

    A revamped Chamfer tool, drawings welding symbols are here, a new Electronics schematic editor, Arrange is out of preview, and lots of new Manufacture tech now available to try.

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    November 2020 Product Update – What’s New

    This Fusion 360 product update includes important fixes in orbit navigation, electronics, and API.

  • The 10 Document Limit for Personal Use Explained in 7 Steps

    Here's a detailed look at what the 10 document limit changing coming to the Fusion 360 for personal use offering will look like, explained in 7 steps.

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    October 2020 Product Update – What’s New

    V.2.0.9305 Modeling  Some of you reported that the Measure tool did not show distance when you tried to measure a face to an origin plane. Sorry about this glitch; this has been fixed.   Electronics  carl.j.barker was working on his P3D CB when he encountered an issue where Fusion 360 failed to get the 3D package for IC_Logic > 74*32 > 74LS32N. Now the…

  • Fusion 360 for Personal Use Changes

    A guide of what's changing to Fusion 360 for personal use and what is remaining the same.

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    September 2020 Product Update – What’s New

    We made improvements to Joints, Electronics, Drawings, Generative Design, Manufacture, Additive, and API.

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    August 2020 Product Update – What’s New

    Summer is not over yet! We just dropped some heat; you now have access to Emboss, new Edit-in-Place options, Electronics enhancements, Section View Depth Control in Drawings, and more.

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    July 2020 Product Update – What’s New

    We pushed out a small product update today, which includes a number of bug fixes in Sketching, Electronics, Drawings, and Manufacture.

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    June 2020 Product Update – What’s New

    This product update Includes new tools like Ruled Surface, Parting Line Draft Mode, Electronics and Drawings enhancements, as well as new CAM tool library.

  • Fusion 360 Roadmap Update 2020

    Here's what you've all been waiting for: the much anticipated Fusion 360 roadmap update is here, and it's filled to the brim with projects that'll enable you to achieve the new possible.

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    May 2020 Product Update – What’s New

    You can now create sketch geometry in 2D drawings, change line weights, and get easier access to your document and sheet settings. Check out the post for more details, along with new and improved features in other areas of Fusion 360.

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    April 2020 Product Update – What’s New

    The April product update is packed full of enhancements and new features, including the Manufacturing Extension, data management improvements, new generative design features, and collaboration enhancements. Read to find out about all of this product release.

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    Connecting the Design and Manufacturing Community

    Communities and companies around the globe are coming together to help combat the coronavirus (COVID-19) in incredible ways. Information, ideas and available resources are all evolving so rapidly, it’s hard to keep up. Below are some of the best resources we know of that we hope can help you find ways to get involved.

  • March 2020 Product Update – What’s New

    This update includes vastly improved assembly joints, Edit-in-place preview, 3D sketch, as well as many Manufacture enhancements.

  • February 2020 Product Update – What’s New

    We fixed some wonkiness reported by you while you were using Electronics Design.