November 2020 Product Update – What’s New

Keqing Song November 10, 2020 1 min read



We noticed that some of you have been experiencing Orbit lag, especially when you were working in a team member’s hub. We made some tweaks under the hood and things should rotate smoother now.


konstantinos.karamfylidis told us about a bug where some components were incorrectly rotated in position when he pushed the design from EAGLE to Fusion 360. Sorry about that; this has been fixed.

maustinQZ9FZ reported that his most recent schematic was unexpectedly blank, even though he had previously saved it. He suspected that the link between his schematic and 2D PCB was broken. We found some wonkiness in the back-end code that was causing some conflicts, so we cleaned it up and now the schematic should be up-to-date.

simon.brix99, among a few others have reported an issue where their 3D packages kept disappearing when they tried to go from their 2D PCB to 3D PCB. We dug into this issue and found some blockage in our pipeline; now it should work perfectly as expected. 

If you created a 3D PCB from a sketch and added a PCB Hole, then pushed the design to a 2D PCB and decided to view the 3D PCB again, the silkscreen was incorrectly included in the 3D PCB. We got this sorted out.

We fixed another issue where the position of manipulator for PCB hole was not where it was supposed to be if you moved the Edit-in-Place 3D PCB to the top assembly.


matt_bucknall told us that the SketchText fontName property maustinQZ9FZwas throwing an unexpected exception, specifically around .shx fonts. Now it should work fine.

superclod3W6YQ posted on the forum, letting us know that his add-ins no longer worked for some weird reason. Turns out it was caused by a change in the compiler code. This is now fixed.

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