February 2021 Product Update – What’s New

Keqing Song February 2, 2021 6 min read

Note: 10 Document Limit for Personal Use Offering

In mid-October of 2020, we announced that we were going to make some changes to the Fusion 360 for Personal Use offering. Most of the changes mentioned in that announcement have already been made, and in this update, the 10 document limit change is now also in effect.  

This means that if you are using the free Personal Use offering (which will remain free), there is a limit on how many documents are “Editable” at the same time. The rest of your documents are set as “Read-Only”, and you can mark them as “Editable” as you see fit. Once you’ve reached 10 out of 10 and want to mark more as “Editable”, you’ll need to mark one of the “Editable” ones as “Read-Only” to make room.  You can still create or upload as many documents as you want; there is no limit to that. The limit applies to how many documents are “Editable” at the same time.  

In response to all the questions around how the experience would play out, we made a detailed blog post explaining what to expect, describing everything around what’s new, what the interactions will be, to how you can manage your documents. If this change affects you, be sure to check out the blog post for details.  

Learn more about the 10 Document Limit  






rolandas.vegis told us that the Extrude NegativeExtentDirection API stopped working. This is now fixed and should work as expected again.  

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