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Keqing Song

Keqing Song

Fusion 360 Community Manager, creative innovator, music maker, design geek, analog nerd.

September 2014 Update Is Available


It’s Here! This update marks our 12th product update and it is definitely an exciting one. Driven by your feedback, we’ve revamped the data sharing and collaboration experience, made learning more integrated, improved graphic and modeling performance in a variety of places, and enhanced usability of the software as a whole. Click through for a top new features recap and a complete list of what’s included this update. 

Preview: September Update

Release Preview.png

September is almost here and the team is working round the clock to deliver the next update.  We are excited that this update will take a step further in our journey of enabling customers to build great products and to bring teams together with an integrated form, function and fabrication experience.   This would not have been possible without your continual feedback from direct conversations, forums, and the IdeaStation.  Thank you for all your ideas and please keep the conversation going.  Now let’s take a look at what’s coming.

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