July 2020 Product Update – What’s New

Keqing Song
Keqing Song July 15, 2020 1 min read





Small update this time; we fixed a number of issues that recently came up.


Sketching & Modeling


By going through the Crash Error Reports (CER) you’ve been submitting (yes, we really read them), we found that some of you have been experiencing issues when using Sketch constraints. We dug into this and found some funky code that wasn’t supposed to be there, so we got it sorted out. 


m.sinclairHCJRC was following a video tutorial when he found that the Spacing and Faces options in the T-Spline curve Extrude command were incorrectly missing if the CV curve is degree 3, but were available for CV curves degree 4 or higher. Now the Spacing and Faces options are back again. 




Infinite.machinery reported an issue where moving a component on the PCB board layout that had a Polygon Pour, the move left outlines of the components in the original spot. This was a weird glitch – it is now gone and moving components will no longer leave any outlines in the original spot. 


We also fixed a stability issue where opening an ULP in the 2D PCB environment threw Fusion 360 into a continuous loop of trying to load the command dialog. 




Lemelman and a few others encountered an issue where the software wasn’t cooperating nicely when they tried to create a drawing of a part that already had an existing drawing active. We made sure that this workflow works flawlessly and not longer crashes. 




There was a bug in the tool library that caused Fusion 360 to become unstable when you tried to expand the operation to view tool by double clicking the arrow. We’re happy to report that we’ve found the bug and we’ve squashed it for good. 

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