Bill of Materials (BOM) 

Better products start with better BOM management.

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What is a bill of materials (BOM)? 

A bill of materials is the listing of items that comprise a product. A BOM includes details like item numbers, quantities, part descriptions and lifecycle state, among others. 

A woman in a hardhat looking at a 3d CAD model and a bill of materials

What is a bill of materials used for? 

BOM management helps you document, track and review every component in your product, prepare a product for manufacturing and more. 

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Why is BOM management important? 

Effective BOM management maintains data integrity throughout the product lifecycle. By centralising cross-departmental product data in one BOM, you ensure stakeholders have access to the data they need in real time.

BOMs are too important to leave open to errors 

Comprehensive and structured BOMs

Collaborate better with structured BOMs 

Configure and manage items and structured BOMs in a centralised system where authorised users can access the information they need, when they need it. 

Configurable context-specific BOM views

Save time with context-specific BOM views 

Easily define multiple, configurable BOM views so stakeholders across your organisation can see real-time product information relevant to them. 


A man looking at a bill of materials in Fusion 360 Manage

Extend the value of your BOM downstream 

Create your engineering BOM in the same application you use to manage your design data. Then share your BOM with downstream functions like procurement, manufacturing and service.


Benefits of BOM management 

Centralise your product data 

Bring in information from CAD, mechanical, electrical and engineering all in one BOM.

Maintain data from design to manufacturing 

Enable cross-discipline collaboration with easy BOM handoff to downstream functions.

Simplify BOM comparisons 

Easily compare BOM revisions and configurations. Quickly see changes when releasing a new product version. 

Cloud PLM to enhance workflows and improve collaboration across teams, partners and suppliers.

Product data management software – available as Vault Basic, Vault Professional, Vault Office

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