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Autodesk AI

Your AI-powered Design and Make partner

We're investing in AI to help you do more, with less.

Demand for new ways of designing and making is accelerating. Our customers are being asked to do things faster, more sustainably, at a lower cost and with higher quality. Our advancements in AI are helping you to meet the moment – not just by increasing productivity, but by giving you tools that help you push the boundaries of what’s possible. We have been investing in artificial intelligence for over a decade. Today, Autodesk AI is available to augment creative problem-solving and exploration, automate tedious and repetitive work, and give individuals and teams access to powerful analysis tools to inform decision-making.

AI is the next revolution for human innovation

In a recent survey, 66% of industry leaders predict that AI will be an integral part of their business within 2-3 years. They see AI as an essential tool for keeping up with demand, reducing error and waste, and accelerating efficiency.

Automate, analyse and augment your Design and Make workflows with Autodesk AI

Autodesk AI technology enables capabilities in Autodesk's Design and Make Platform and other Autodesk products, with more coming every day.


Autodesk Forma

Real-time analysis

Perform predictive analysis for wind, noise and operational energy in real time, so you can make smart design decisions that improve outcomes.


Autodesk Autocad

Markup assist

Convert comments, identify handwritten text, add objects and automate edits through recognised instructional text and strikethroughs from markup files.


Autodesk InfoDrainage

Machine learning deluge tool

Predict flood maps quickly and accurately when applying water on the site surface, all while leveraging new built-in artificial intelligence.


Autodesk Construction Cloud

Construction IQ

Analyse project data to identify and prioritise design, quality, safety and project control risks to help resolve issues and make decisions earlier.


Autodesk Fusion

Drawing automation

Automate 2D documentation with interactive experiences of manufacturing drawings, reducing time spent on non-value tasks.


Autodesk Fusion

Generative design

Explore more design options with one workflow that uses manufacturing process-aware criteria, without the need to model and validate each.


Autodesk Flame

Machine learning

Save hours of repetitive work by automating tasks like keying, sky replacement and beauty work. 


Autodesk Maya

AI-assisted workflows (beta)

Automatically control scenes in Maya using natural language text prompts for tasks such as copying an object or increasing its size.


Autodesk AI for your industry

Architects and engineers

From real-time environmental analyses in Forma to faster iterations in AutoCAD, Autodesk AI empowers architects and engineers to deliver projects with sustainable outcomes.


Autodesk AI helps construction teams predict and prevent risk, improve decision-making, save time with assistive workflows and access project information faster and earlier.


Design and manufacturing

From the top floor to the shop floor, Autodesk AI is integrated into every part of the design and manufacturing process, automating tedious work and freeing your teams to innovate.


Media and entertainment

Modern content creation is labour-intensive and traditional production methods are no longer scalable. With Autodesk AI, artists can focus on their art.


Autodesk Platform

Autodesk's Design and Make Platform is cloud-connected software that helps everyone, everywhere design and make anything by unifying data and workflows and tapping into AI-powered insights and automations for better outcomes in the AEC, Manufacturing and Entertainment industries. It includes Autodesk Platform Services and our three industry clouds: Forma, Fusion and Flow.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Autodesk AI?

Autodesk AI technology is available in Autodesk products and native to Autodesk’s Design and Make Platform. Autodesk AI augments creative exploration and problem-solving, automates tedious and repetitive work, and analyses project data to offer predictive insights.  

What is Autodesk’s history with AI?

Over the last 10 years, Autodesk has invested in artificial intelligence because we recognise the transformative power of AI for the industries we serve. It’s already helping our customers achieve more with less. Today, Autodesk AI powers workflows and capabilities across Autodesk software and the Autodesk Platform, with more capabilities coming every day.

How do I access Autodesk AI technology?

Autodesk AI is native to Autodesk’s Design and Make Platform and found in many of our desktop and cloud products like AutoCAD, Maya, Fusion and Forma. We’re developing and acquiring more AI-powered workflows every day.