Account self service

Easily manage your subscriptions and payments in Autodesk Account.

Take control in Autodesk Account (video: 1:15 min.)

Take control in Autodesk Account

Manage and customize your Autodesk subscriptions with just a few clicks. Autodesk Account offers self-service options so you can make changes any time.1

Autodesk Account self-service benefits

Take control and manage all your products and payments in Autodesk Account.

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Pay your way

Select and manage the secure payment method that works best for you.

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Scale to fit your needs

Add seats to your subscriptions as you need them and enjoy prorated pricing.

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Change your term anytime

Set up your next renewal to move to a monthly, annual, or 3-year term.

Access your account features

If you purchased your subscription online directly from Autodesk, you can make changes anytime in Autodesk Account.1

Change your payment method

  1. In your account, go to Billings and Orders > Payment Methods.
  2. See all your payment methods in one place and make changes across subscriptions.
  3. To edit an existing payment method, click Edit.
  4. To add a card or change to a new payment method, such as PayPal or direct debit, click Add payment method.

Add seats

  1. In your account, go to Billings and Orders > Subscriptions and Contracts.
  2. Select a product and click Add Seats.
  3. Adjust your order and click Save Changes.
  4. Review the order and click Submit Order.

Change your term length

  1. In your account, go to Billings and Orders > Subscriptions and Contracts.
  2. Select a product.
  3. Click Change under Renewal details.
  4. Select a new term and click Confirm.
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Renewing in Autodesk Account

Get special pricing when you renew your subscriptions. Manage your settings in Autodesk Account to maximize your savings and learn how to get more value with a Premium plan or a longer term.

Frequently asked questions

Are all subscriptions eligible for self-service management in Autodesk Account?

Self-service management features in Autodesk Account are not available in all countries. They’re also not available for maintenance plans, products previously processed through Digital River or legacy systems, products bought through a reseller, or discontinued products.


If these options are not visible to you in Autodesk Account, or the button options are grayed out, this indicates that self-service options aren’t currently available.


To adjust your subscription, please contact support.

Will I keep my special renewal pricing if I change my term length?

Yes! If you change from one term length to another, you’ll still enjoy the benefit of special renewal pricing2 if you renew before your subscription expires. You’ll save if you stay on continuous subscription instead of letting a subscription expire and buying new. And you’ll keep that savings even if you select a new term in Autodesk Account.

Why can’t I change the term for my subscription?

If the option for changing your term is not visible or is grayed out, self-service term changes are not available for this subscription in Autodesk Account.


To adjust your subscription, please contact support.

Why don’t I see the “add a seat” option in Autodesk Account?

This feature is not available in all regions. If the Add Seats option doesn’t appear in your account, your subscription may not be eligible for self-service seat management. Please contact your reseller or contact support for assistance.

Can I add a seat to my subscription at any time?

Yes, you can add seats to your eligible subscription at any time. The cost of the seat will be prorated based on the time remaining on your existing subscription. All seats will renew at the next subscription renewal date.

Can I cancel an automatic renewal?

Some subscriptions automatically renew to ensure you have continuous access to your software. If your subscription is on automatic renewal, you will be charged for a new subscription term on the renewal date listed in Autodesk Account. You can cancel the automatic renewal at any time before the renewal date. You will retain access to software and services until the renewal date and you won’t be charged for a new term. See Cancel a subscription for more information.

How do I cancel my renewal if I purchased with a Partner?

Return policies for purchases and renewal charges from third-party sellers such as retailers or authorized Autodesk Partners can vary by seller. If you’re not able to cancel your subscription in Autodesk Account, contact your reseller directly.

Where can I get technical support?

Choose the live or online support option that works best for you–phone, chat, email, or remote desktop assistance. Contact our support specialists and explore our self-service help.

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1 This feature is available only for products purchased directly from the Autodesk website—or in some cases, with Autodesk Sales—in the U.S., Canada, Europe, or Australia.


Learn more about special renewal pricing and exclusions.