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VRED™ products address the needs of industrial, and especially automotive, designers and engineers. Compare VRED Design and VRED Professional.

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Visualize 3D designs on the fly

Review and evaluate automotive design ideas in real time

At a glance

  • Review and evaluate automotive design ideas in real time
  • View renderings in virtual reality
  • Create high-end visualizations and virtual prototypes
  • Review renderings in virtual reality
  • Render NURBS data

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Multi-year (3 years)    

Simple user interface

Support for Alias layers

Support for CATIA layers

Optimization tools    


Scripting API and command terminal    

Asset Manager    

Camera collision detection

Joint and skin support for FBX

Truelight materials

Glass Material supports thickness

Area and objects lights

Skylight system

Subsurface scattering

Displacement mapping

IES light profiles and rayfile support

Physical camera settings

Layered glass material

X-Rite material support    

Lens flares

Fog effect

Light textures

Ruler and grid

Measurements and clippings


Analytic rendering modes

Surface discontinuity rendering

Gap analysis

Visual simulation

Curvature Shader

Render passes (offline)

Render layer

Tone mapping standard

Direct NURBS rendering

Spectral rendering


Animation Wizard

Variants and VariantSets

External and overlay web interface    

Powerwall display

Immersive display

Display clustering    

CPU clustering    

Oculus Rift HMD support    

VRED app

Animated texture

Cluster manager

HMI interaction    

Hands in virtual reality