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Subscription Purchased Prior to May 18, 2018, and All Maintenance Plans

Answer the questions below to find the terms and conditions applicable to your specific maintenance plan or subscription purchased prior to May 18, 2018. For subscription purchased after May 18, 2018, go here:

1.) Choose offering type


Move to Subscription, Switched Subscription, Extra Territory Rights and Enterprise Priority Support

Move to Subscription

The following link takes you to the terms and conditions governing Move to Subscription offers.

Switched Subscription

The following link takes you to the terms and conditions governing covering switched subscriptions purchased after May 18, 2018. For switched subscriptions purchased prior to that date please see the subscription terms and conditions available at the top of this page.

Global and Regional Extra Territory Rights (ETR)

Follow this link for terms and conditions governing Global and Regional ETR Benefits.

Enterprise Priority Support

Follow this link for terms and conditions applicable to Enterprise Priority Support.


Web Services Terms and Software License Agreements

Legacy Software License Agreements

License agreements applicable software products subject to maintenance plans purchased at any time, and software products on subscriptions purchased prior to May 18, 2018.

Legacy Web Services Terms and Special Web Services Terms

Terms and conditions applicable to all web services offerings prior to May 18, 2018, and certain web services offerings after May 18, 2018, which are not covered by the new terms.

Permission to Host Components for Certain Types of Offerings

Conditional Permission

The following terms and conditions grant permission, subject to specified conditions, to host off-premises and remotely access file server and/or other components of certain offering types.

Remote Hosting for Server Components

Hostable Component Products List

The following document lists certain software products that include components eligible for hosting and remote access under the above permission. Note that this list applies to one of three categories of offerings that are covered by the above permission. The list is therefore not exhaustive with respect to components that may be hosted and remotely accessed. Please review the permission terms to determine whether your offering qualifies for the permission.

Hostable Components Product