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The swift turn the world made us take.
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An insight into media content creation, delivery and resilience. How for years we have been scratching the surface of hybrid rendering CPU/GPU and how we have been forced to embrace it today.

At the beginning of the year the world was turned upside down, one day we were traveling, having fun at opening ceremonies, filming interviews and at the word of “cut” we were told we had to work from home until further notice. Luckily in hindsight we were prepared to work remotely all at once, we had the right tools and the infrastructure to do so, many projects continued to move forward, some got put on hold but many new ones started to come in. Interactive web tours, Real time experiences, Real time video walls, Virtual Sales centers with 360 immersive Real time interactives and the list goes on.

Lets take a look at the Software and Hardware that helped us move forward, lets talk about how we fast tracked into the future of Architectural Visualization.

Key Learnings

  • Take a look and have Insight into our current pipeline and how production is shifting towards real time rendering
  • How this shift in technology is affecting client deliverables
  • How working from home changes the necessity of hardware in the cloud vs at home (office)
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