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You Are Now a BIM/VDC Coordinator: A Talk About the Journey and What Happens Next

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    The concept of a BIM (Building Information Modeling) coordinator and virtual design and construction (VDC) manager/coordinator is still fairly new, and most of those with the responsibilities of BIM/VDC coordination came upon their duties, responsibilities, and titles in a roundabout fashion. Attendees of this session will see the paths that many BIM coordinators, BIM managers, VDC personnel, and BIM project team members responsible for project coordination took to get where they are. This session will also cover common duties, responsibilities, and best practices regarding the specific items for which most BIM coordinators are responsible. This session is intended for BIM managers, VDC managers, BIM coordinators, BIM job captains, and others responsible for coordination on BIM/VDC projects.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the common duties and responsibilities of a BIM coordinator
    • Recognize the importance of consistent coordination methods throughout the lifecycle of a BIM project
    • Discover best practices for multidiscipline/multifirm coordination
    • Determine the most-effective methods for interacting with project partners who are utilizing different software packages