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The World’s Largest - Developing Large Urban Designs into Virtual Reality.

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    Often we see Virtual Reality being used on a small scale, hotel rooms and small bungalows, it is not often we see a large urban plan being adopted for Virtual Reality. Looking at large scale models, such as models from Planning and Urban Design, the functionality and process to bring it to life is completely different. Focusing less on the small details, such as furniture types and kitchen appliances, and more towards the functionality and interactivity to suit the larger designs. In this Class we will look at a CallisonRTKL Case Study, showcasing the implementation of bringing some of the largest urban developments in the world into Virtual Reality and creating an interactive area over 1,000m wide, and over 1,000m high. We will focus on the process and optimization of your 3D Studio Max files, and integrating them into Unreal Engine, with some simple interactivity to help navigate through large scale models, finally looking at how to simply maintain these models through the design process.

    Key Learnings

    • Identify and implement simple techniques to optimize their 3D Studio Max files for Virtual Reality.
    • Understand the migration process from 3D Studio Max to Data smith and Unreal Studio.
    • Learn how to quickly and effectively import and navigate around large models within Unreal.
    • Create using instances, models and entourage within Unreal for optimal performance in large scale Urban Projects.