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Working Together with BIM 360 Design

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    The evolution of Collaboration for Revit, now BIM 360 Design software, is a hot topic this year. This roundtable will present various questions and ideas for discussion as a companion to the various lectures that are on the same topic. What is different, and what is the same? What are the favorite or most challenging features? How do we best collaborate in this new platform? Are different approaches relevant depending on the project? Is the experience different based on project role? What are the lessons learned, best practices, and ideas for future evolution? Come discuss and learn from the collective experiences of a group.

    Key Learnings

    • Discuss BIM 360 Design features and workflows
    • Discover BIM 360 Design lessons learned and best practices
    • Build on knowledge gained from other classes on BIM 360 Design
    • Discuss strategies for productive efficient use of BIM 360 Design