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Workflow Evolution in a Maturing BIM Environment

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    A generation of architecture, engineering, and construction professionals remembers the tumult that accompanied the rise of desktop CAD at the end of the ’80s and early ’90s: massive costs, glacial speed, and a lot of beige plastic. Fast forward to the current era, with the Internet, fast computers, and a variety of powerful applications at our fingertips. It is tempting to say we’ve never had it so good. However, as we reach a period of BIM (Building Information Modeling) maturity, there are lessons to be learned and new answers to be sought about how we work and communicate—from the internal team level all the way up to the intercompany level. Using the history of CAD and BIM adoption over the last 30-plus years as a framework, this talk will discuss how the current state of BIM maturity and application variety in the industry enables us—even necessitates us—to take a fresh look at how we are working together.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the changes in workflow brought about by the mass adoption of CAD and BIM technology over time
    • Understand the difference between a "BIM adopter" and a "BIM user" when describing a firm
    • Learn how to look at your own organization for strengths and weaknesses in your current BIM maturity status
    • Learn how to maximize your BIM and AEC technology investment by embracing new workflows