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Women in Construction: A panel featuring director of the film, Hard Hatted Woman

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    During this panel discussion, we will explore some of the challenges facing today’s women in construction trades, and discover what can be done to better support them. To inspire this dialogue, the session will begin with a preview of the much-anticipated documentary film, Hard Hatted Woman, and a brief introduction from the film’s director and producer, Lorien Barlow. After the screening, we’ll dive into a lively panel discussion with Lorien and several of the tradeswomen featured in the film. Attendees will walk away from the panel: Inspired by these women’s stories More keenly aware of the aspirations they have, and the challenges they face Armed with ideas about how to advocate for these women, helping them gain the recognition they deserve so that they can achieve their full desired potential.  To learn more about Lorien and her work on the documentary, Hard Hatted Woman, go to the film’s homepage here.

    Key Learnings