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Who Said Revit Can't Be Used at Project Start for Electrical Design? We Didn’t!

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    This class will discuss and present ways to more effectively use Revit software for early electrical design by utilizing existing Revit features to perform total electrical load calculation and equipment sizing. At the beginning of the project, no electrical fixtures or devices are placed in the model. How can an electrical designer estimate the energy consumption and power demand in Revit, even though the full electrical detailed installation isn't modelized? Smart simple families, zoning tools, Dynamo, and panel schedule will be involved in an easy workflow to apply a power-demand estimation method based on power-load density by power-demand profiles. We will then present how electrical designers and engineers can move the model from schematic design to detailed design by adapting the method with more-detailed information when appropriate.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to start a Revit project in electricity with less-detailed electrical information
    • Learn how to utilize Dynamo to automate the power-demand estimation method
    • Learn how to customize the panel schedule to adapt the template to the method
    • Learn how the model can evolve into a detailed approach based on collaboration with other trades