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When BIM Isn't in the Contract: Collaborating with Reluctant Consultants

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    In this class, we will discuss how, as project leads, architects can work with consultants who do not see the benefit of Revit software as a collaboration tool. What options do we have when consultants are not willing to use Revit software's information management capacity? How do we manage expectations on a project with consultants unwilling to use Revit software's 3D capabilities? What strategies can we use to stay on budget when consultant-supplied Building Information Modeling (BIM) is incomplete? How can we set up 3D modeling requirements to facilitate consultant BIM use? What tools do we have to reassure consultants that modeling in BIM is both efficient and beneficial for all parties? You will also have an opportunity to review sample execution plans for different levels of BIM involvement.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn to work with a consultant that uses Revit as a 2D drafting tool
    • Learn how to write a BIM Execution Plan when BIM is not explicitly included in the contract
    • Learn how to create an environment of collaboration without consultants charging extra fees
    • Learn best practices for coordinating with consultants