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Virtual Installation: Augmented Reality of Install Details

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    A difficult task comes with constructing a complex building: properly showing those who are building how to build the building. The next stage comes with the further advancement of 3D modeling: erecting building parts and assemblies on a mobile device. This class is targeted toward designers, fabricators, and installers who want to learn how to properly demonstrate the way to build their products through augmented realty animation. They can then deliver these animations to the on-site installers who can virtually see components come together in their physical areas. This class will focus on using models from Revit software and/or Inventor software and recreating a building animation utilizing Augmented Reality software.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to export pieces and parts into an Augmented Reality Viewer
    • Learn about animating an erection of an building assembly
    • Learn how to more accurately show a detail on a building assembly
    • Learn how to properly convert geometry and materials into an Augmented Reality Viewer