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The Virtual Commissioning in the Factory

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    “Virtual commissioning,” “industry 4.0,” and “digital twin” are today’s buzzwords in factory planning. Today, 3D planning is standard in many areas. But with Factory Design Utilities software and Industrial Physics software from machineering, new far-reaching simulation possibilities are emerging. The digital twin accompanies machines throughout their lifetimes—daily business, changes or modifications on the machine, service works—with a goal of preventing errors, optimizing machines, and avoiding failures. Use the simulation model as a basis for the digital twin in the early stages of the development process to safeguard your concepts.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to create a digital twin based on Inventor or Factory Design
    • Learn how to have a faster time to market
    • Learn how to minimize the issues/failures in the engineering process
    • Learn how to test the machine during the engineering process