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Utilizing Autodesk Software in UAS (Drone) Workflows

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    In late June 2017, an extreme rainfall impacted mid Michigan. This rain resulted in a 500-year flood event that washed out or damaged dozens of bridges and culverts in Midland County. The local road commission collaborated with OHM Advisors to identify, map, and engineer solutions to compromised structures. Our unique approach to data collection and analysis was multifaceted and quick. By integrating real-time GNSS, drone operations, GIS, and Autodesk's ReCap Pro and Civil 3D software, we created an optimized workflow allowing for more-efficient mobilization, safety, data manipulation, and design. The completion of the client's focus areas by conventional means would have taken 4 times longer than this powerful approach. Lastly, by using Microsoft's HoloLens, we will explore project deliverables to aid engineer and client understanding of local impacts and solutions.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover solutions that UAS (drones) can provide
    • Learn about necessary software for use with UAS (drones)
    • Learn how to maximize efficiencies of point clouds with ReCap and Civil 3D
    • Investigate the HoloLens technology